We are a bunch of travel enthusiast who are on a mission to travel as much as we can on whatever meager budgets we have, and then benefit our readers with our travel accounts and photographs. The ultimate aim is to let our readers realize that travel is not just enjoyment or pastime, but it is in fact an essential part of life and should be seen as a celebration of life. We aim to make people know how travel can change us, make us more sensitive and tolerant, make us better human beings and teach us to appreciate the beauty.

From a blog to a website
What was initially a single-handed effort as a travel blog, it has now grown into a full-fledged site after getting enforced with contributions from many like-minded people. The editor of this website is Ajay K Garg, who is a journalist and an avid traveller. Basically a nomad by heart, he has mostly travelled as a backpacker so far. His travel experiences have given him a real feel of the places he has been to, and have helped him understand people, lifestyles and cultures in their purest form. And this inspired him to share his experiences with people on a wider canvas of internet rather than just writing for magazines and newspapers. And he has been lucky to have many friends on board now, who have now become a part of this journey.

What we intend to do
Through this website, we intend to share our travel experiences with you. our thrust is to give you first-hand information in its purest form about the destination covered in the travelogue. Apart from sharing our experiences, we will be providing our readers with useful information and travel tips to make their travelling a memorable and fun-filled one. 

Be a part of this journey 
Though, we would be updating the information posted on this site regularly, we would urge you to share with us any updated information if you have one, so that It could be passed on to other travellers/readers.

So, folks! let's go together on a journey of this planet through words and pictures. Trust us, you will not be disappointed at any point. And, we would welcome your comments on the posts and be happy if you could share this website and its content with your friends through Twitter and Facebook or any other social networking media.

Your comments, suggestions, queries and feedback are most welcome at any time. You can reach the editor at ajaygarg@terrahopper.com

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