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Starting out at an early age, David graduated from a fixed lens film camera to an SLR when he was sixteen, and then eventually from ‘snapping pictures’ to ‘capturing images’ after he decided to study the art and mechanics of photgraphy. David has little interest in producing realistic images. He is far more interested in conveying emotion in his work. Armed with a Canon 60D, a bagful of lenses and a tripod, he likes getting out into nature and getting his shoes muddy. He can be found online at Recalibration Photography.

Ambreen Zaidi
Ambreen is a well-known journalist, prolific writer, social activist and an occasional traveller. She has travelled the length and breadth of India apart from a couple of trips abroad, and has a very keen eye for details. Her style of describing things is such that it stretches reader's imaginations. She has once been editor of India's first blogazine 'Bloggers' Park'. Now-a-days, she is completely into freelance writing and is contributing for various national-level magazines and newspapers. Her own website is Indian Soldiers.

Ruchika has been a writer, a journalist and an amateur photographer for more than six years. She describes herself as a crazy traveller since the day she hopped into general compartment of Kanyakumari Express on an RAC ticket. She believes in the fact that travel changes you, it sets you free. She is a fine writer whose write-ups bind the reader till their last word. And, even a cursory look at the pics clicked by her tells you that they are a class apart. She can be reached online at Traveller Stories.

Naveen is an MBA and a marketing manager with a leading education firm of India, but that does not truly describe his creative self. He is a traveller and an immensely talented photographer who never lets go a chance to surprise you with his mesmerizing clicks. What started as a hobby some years back has now grown into an ever-occupying passion for him. His work is published in various travel magazines and advertisements. He loves to speak through his fantastic clicks. His website is Naveen Choudhary.

Upendra Swami
Upendra is a traveller first, and then a journalist. He loves to go on really long bike rides. His passion for biking is such that for even local transportation he refuses to drive a car and instead picks up his two-tyre beauty! He has made a couple of solo trips to upper Himalayas on his bike. He is a prolific writer and an amazing photographer too. Apart from travelling to almost every part of India, he has been to many countries and has written extensively about his trips. His personal travel blog is The Vagabond.

Ajay K Garg
Ajay is a journalist, a writer and a traveller. A nomad by heart, he loves to explore new places. He has visited more than ten countries till now. Most of his travelling so far has been as a backpacker. After spending 14 years working with various publications as journalist, he said good-bye to his job and started freelance writing. As a writer, his areas of interest are travel, cinema and international affairs. He regularly writes for many national magazines & newspapers. He also writes at his Hindi blog Bemaqsad.

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