Monday, April 30, 2012

Melaka Through Pictures

A boat ride at night time in River Melaka can be very refreshing
360 degree view of Melaka from the rotating cabin of Menara Taming Sari
Eye on Melaka is situated on river bank. There are other attractions too
Duck tour is done on an amphibious vehicle. It is a fun ride of 45 minutes
Chinese Temple in Harmony Street. The oldest Chinese temple in Malaysia
The Mosque in Harmony Street of Melaka. Its architecture is Sumatran
Inside view of the mosque. One can see Victorian-style chandelier
For authentic Baba-Nyonya food, don't miss to go to Donald & Lily's
Famosa Restaurant on Jonker Street is famous for its chicken rice balls
A Baba-Nyonya house, which has been converted into a museum now
Inside Baba-Nyonya house. It speaks of wealthy lifestyle of its owners
New parts of Melaka. These are built on reclaimed land and are well-planned
Looking toward sea from St. Peter's Hill. Land seen here is reclaimed one
The participants of the MAP Fest, which is being held every November
Colourful trishaws are unique to Melaka... in fact an identity for Melaka
Children enjoying a ride in one of the trishaws on Jalan Kota
The Melakan Art and Performing Festival is becoming a regular feature now
The fountain at the Town Square...dedicated to Queen Victoria of Britain
Town Square also known as the Dutch Square, has many roadside shops
The Clock Tower situated in the Dutch Square looks stunning at night
Melaka River, which has been a backbone for Melakan economy
A monument on the banks of river, where bastions of fort were excavated
The famous red Christ Church built by Dutch... Situated at the Town Square
Graffiti on the rear walls of buildings situated on both sides of the river
A replica of Flor Do Mar ship. It houses one of the maritime museums


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