Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Postcards from Bewitching Gulmarg

Gulmarg is a hill station and a popular skiing destination in Kashmir region of India. The name literally means 'Meadow of Flowers'. It was once described by CNN as 'the Heartland of Winter Sports in India', and was a candidate as venue for Commonwealth Winter Games in 2010.

Here, the beauty of Gulmarg is depicted through pictures. These pictures are of two seasons. Savour the snow-clad mountains in winter and pleasant warmth and serenity of nature in late summers. It is just 52 kms from Srinagar and is situated at an average elevation of 2690 metres. The approach time from Srinagar by car or taxi is two hours.

All these pictures are by Ambreen Zaidi

Mesmerizing Winters
A plain mass of land flanked by mountains makes Gulmarg ideal for winter sports
Tourists from all over the world choose Gulmarg as one of their destinations
Even in winters, one can see patches of land here and there peeping through snow
Terrace farming is abundant in Kashmir. The area is known for saffron cultivation 
All set on the start line... Surely, some spectacular skiing is on the cards 

Enchanting Summers
View from top of the surrounding mountains can be stunning and breathtaking
Gulmarg has some beautiful landscapes and mountains in and around
The best way to savour the beauty of Gulmarg area is a rope way trip
Get as close to nature as you can, and take non-erasable imprints home
A mix of nature and machine... it is variety of scenes that attracts in Gulmarg


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