Saturday, November 03, 2012

A Visual Treat From Maui Island of Hawaii

Hawaii... the land of sun, sand and volcanoes....Here are some more photographs exclusively from the Island of Maui in Hawaii. Maui Island is also known as the Valley Isle, and it boasts of some lovely landscapes, fine sandy beaches, amazing lifestyle, fresh sea-food restaurants and charming people. The climate is pleasantly warm, and the overall feeling is really cool.

As far as Hawaii is concerned, it is an archipelago comprising of volcanic islands in northern Pacific Ocean. The islands of Hawaii present some really amazing sights to their visitors. The eight islands at south-eastern end of the archipelago are the most frequently visited ones; and amongst them Maui (the Valley Isle), Kauai (the Garden Isle), Oahu (the Gathering Place) and Hawaii (the Big Island) are the most scenic. While Niihau (the Forbidden Isle) is also very scenic but it is privately owned.

Come n' roam about in one of the most lovely places on earth through this series of pictures by David Hellard  of Recalibration Photography 
Maui is the second largest island of Hawaii, and certainly one of the most beautiful islands
Maui island has a very interesting topography, ranging from high mountains to deep valleys  
Maui has many valleys carved into volcanic mountains, thus earning the name- the Valley Isle
The Maui Desert. It used to be a forest before it was reduced to grassland due to erosion
Sailing around Maui can be fun. Turquoise water offers opportunities for diving-enthusiasts 
Charter boats are also available in Maui for sailing along the coast or between the islands
Maui shoreline is rugged at places, thus forming many natural harbours there for small ships 
The sky at night can be a lovely sight in Hawaii. A sky painted with varying shades of clouds!
Hawaii is also home to a diverse fauna. Introduced from India, Myna is on all main islands
There are many species of land snails in Hawaii, and the garden snails are one of those
Introduced in Hawaii around 1930, Red-crested Cardinal is easily seen in parks and lawns
House Finch, known as Papayabird in Hawaii, is found in both coastal and mountainous areas
Mama's Fish House is voted one the best fresh fish restaurants. They have an enviable menu
Be it food or drinks, you are really swayed away by the taste and hospitality at Mama's House
The restaurant was established in 1973 and has won praise from travellers all over the world
Mama's is situated on north shore of Maui Island, and has a very tranquil sea and fine sand
Mama's was started by Christenson family which happened to sail across Pacific in 1950's
The family embraced the old Polynesian lifestyle and discovered the ways of preparing fish
Apart from a restaurant, Mama's Fish House also houses an enviable inn with lovely rooms
The Haleakala Observatory is a sight to behold when it is covered with thick white clouds
A clean winding road takes you up to the first astronomical observatory located in Hawaii
Haleakala is situated on the island of Maui. It is pioneer in activities related  to astronomy
Situated at 3050 metres above sea level, it has excellent astronomical seeing conditions
It is sheer fun to go all the way up to the observatory and stay at the summit  for a while


Such a nice place. I wish I could be there to spend the vacation.

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