Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Melaka Diary # 2 : Colours Strewn All Around

Colourful trishaws are unique to Melaka
The moment I entered Melaka, its colours started meeting my eyes. These colours came to me on three wheels. Baffled!! Well, I am talking about the trishaws plying on the clean and quiet roads of Melaka. You will not see so much colourful trishaws anywhere in the world. These trishaws are decorated with artificial flowers, and music never stops playing from them. And as soon as daylight starts diminishing, these trishaws start lighting up. It is pleasure watching them ply on roads, and it is fun having a ride on them. If everywhere else trishaws are a mode of transportation, they are essentially a joyride in Melaka. But before you hop onto one of those, fix a fare with its owner.
And in night, these lit-up trishaws are a sight to watch
And as twilight of evening starts descending down, one can see an increased rush at boat ticket counter. Yes, this is the time when everybody wants to be on a boat for a 40 minutes ride up and down the river. It costs you just 10 RM. The ticket counter is at riverfront and is some hundred metres down the Red Square. Though, boat-rides start in the morning and goes till late in the night, it is always preferable to go for it during night hours. Beautifully lit river walk and colourful graffiti on the back-walls of buildings lining the shores of river will make you feel as if you passing through some wonderland. Well, you won’t miss anything of historical value along the way as a recorded commentary will keep you updates about what you are seeing or what you are passing by. And don’t miss the friendly smiles from the people strolling on the river walk or sipping their drinks at the back of restaurants and guesthouses.
The Clock Tower looks stunning during night time
When you start your ride from the heritage town, you first go up the river, and on the way you can see old Melaka diluting into new Melaka. The old-styled heritage buildings giving way to new high rise building! And dim lights suddenly turning brighter. And on the way, just the reverse of it… as if a time-machine is taking you back in the bygone era. When you are about to finish the first leg of your ride and pass Jalan Hang Tuah Bridge, looking on your left side… you will see Eye On Melaka. It is 25-metre-tall observation wheel or ferris wheel. It is the latest attraction of Melaka. Just opposite this ferris wheel is old Cathy Cinema.

I enjoyed my boat ride on my last night in Melaka. There had been raining there since afternoon. By the time, I reached at ticket counter; the rain god had relented a bit. But as soon as boarded the boat, it started again. Though a bit complaining at first I was suddenly finding a new joy in getting myself soaked. As it was going to be my last night there, I wanted to absorb all of what was coming my way in Melaka. Everything, including rain!! Also, the lights around me looked more enchanting as these flickered through rain drops. So, for me, this boat ride turned somewhat more special.
A boat going up-stream in Melaka River
Graffiti on rear walls of the buildings lining the river banks

And do not miss going up St Paul’s Hill in night. When you look in the direction of the sea from the top of the hill, you will be amazed. A panoramic view is waiting to be a feast for your eyes. The revolving viewing deck of Menara Taming Sari directly in line of your vision, well-lit buildings symmetrically erected in the reclaimed land, and ships and boats venturing in sea beyond that….it is a sight that you won't forget easily.

Text and Photos by Ajay Garg


interesting..keep up the good work..

Lovely tale of tuk-tuk, and the heritage town!

really great effort sir. way how u explain is also fantanstic. ajit

yahan bina shadi ki vedi par chadhe bhi insaan khoobsurat savari par baith sakta h nice place and readable discription...

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